Kidloland App Review-

Being a first time mum it’s normal to question if your doing the right thing, one thing I know a lot of mums have their own views on tv time and time spent on apps and devices. As Mae is only 10 months old I haven’t had to think about this yet plus she is far to busy to sit and watch tv ( sometimes I wish that’s all she would do) however, I was contacted by Kidloland to take a look at their app.

We was in the JR hospital Oxford for Jakes routine eye check up and Mae was her normal happy self, I knew we would be there for a few hours so I decided this was a good time to get looking into the app and to have a play around with it. It was really easy to download and to use, of course Mae didn’t have a clue what to do but the colourful animation caught her beady eye right away. We found the nursery rhymes and Mae was hooked on Five little speckled frogs, she played it that much we still catch ourselves singing it now.

Mae enjoyed watching the frogs jump around and of course our reaction to her dancing along. What else I liked about the app was how educational it was, there were lots of different sections like fruit and veg, colours, all different rhymes and songs for the little ones to help them learn and have fun.

As Mae is only 10 months I do feel this app would be better for a child slightly older as she only has a very short attention span, we did however love listening to the different songs and dancing along to them. I would highly recommend this app, to help teach your child using colourful songs and animation. You can relax knowing there are on an app safe and built for children knowing what they are playing with will help them learn and have fun at the same time.

It’s a 10/10 from us.

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