Leaving her for the first time.

I am use to leaving Mae for a day or a weekend with her grandmothers however today is the first time I have dropped her into creche. Only for an hour but I must admit I feel very nervous, I think it’s because I normally leave her with people she is comfortable with yet today she is with ladies and children she has met a few times and I guess she probably thinks I have just abandonned her. Which in a sense I actually have. So instead of heading to work I am sat 100 yards away in the cafe drinking a slightly cold cuppa counting down the minutes untill I have to go get her.

She has lasted 30 minutes so far….

So we did it! a whole hour! I didn’t run in demanding my child back and Mae made it through with only a few tears, So she spent the afternoon with her bestie leelee and Nanny Claire and I finally went to work.

She will be heading back

Honey I’m Home.


So its been a while since I have posted, actually its been almost 5 months!! Now i haven’t stopped because I got bored or because I wanted to its just life took over and I have had to focus on other things.

I must admit as I sit here and type I already feel more myself, so much has happened over the last 5 months I could sit and type for hours. I started my blog over a year ago now mainly for an outlet,  I was a first time mum with first time mum struggles, sleepless night and the anxiety of “i am doing this right” I have found that over the last 21 months (yes Mae is almost 2 i know i cant believe it either) that every day is different and that you cannot control everything, that’s a hard pill to swallow because I am the biggest  control freak! I have learnt that some days Mae will eat well and others she survives on Wotsits and frubes, I have learnt that arguing with a 2 year old gets you absolutely no where. I have also learnt that some days life takes over and the house, myself and my car looks like a pigsty but hey that’s OK! Some weeks I hardly see or speak to my friends and some days showering just isn’t an option. Bringing up a little girl who wants to take on the world every second of the day can be rewarding yet very testing.

The last 5 months we have seen my sister move to London, the anniversary of my best friend my uncle bills death and of course the Christmas holiday which was magical, having a little one really does bring back the magic of Christmas. Mae has grown so much its scary, she talks none stop and now sleeps in a big girls bed however sleep is still something she hasn’t got the hang of yet but that’s for another blog post. We are learning NO ( neither of us have got there yet) and finding a balance of work life and home life. We took Mae on a plane for the first time ever, that was a very different experience then what i thought it would be. We went over to Spain to visit family for a few days which was pure bliss to finally catch up with family i hadn’t seen in almost 8 years, We got to enjoy the sunshine and Mae found her love for the swimming pool. OH and the final thing that’s happened we now have 2 rabbits! I know I must be crazy!!! A toddler, a very small dog and now two lion head rabbits – as if my life wasn’t stressful enough.

Any way I’m going to stop babbling on and finish by saying we are back to writing with  lots of blog posts in the pipe line. Thanks for putting up with us so far, I promise the next post wont be so boring.

Happy New Year (am I too late??)

Mae and Me x


One year of Mae and Me.

We have arrived! We have hit our first year in the blogging game and have loved every second of it.



How we have grown in a year.

It’s been a great journey so far, I must admit I havnt blogged as much as I wanted. Unfortunately loosing my aunt and uncle in the year along with separating from maes dad life just got in the way and took control for a while. BUT we are still here and are ready to make this year even better then the last.

My hopes for this blogging year –

*To blog more often.

* To reach out to more readers and fellow bloggers.

* To gain a bigger audience.

* To interact more.

* To continue enjoying every second.

I have met some amazing blogging mums along the way this year, some who have given me a little helping hand and so many who have supported us every step of the way. It really is a great feeling knowing there are people out there willing and wanting to read something that I write, I love interacting with followers and hearing their story and opinions on all things motherhood. I started my blog a year ago mainly just to get my feelings out there, I was a first time mum with so many thoughts just wanting to write them down in the hope to make myself feel better. Then I thought well hey someone somewhere might enjoy my journey and then began the growth of Mae and Me.

We don’t have a massive following, we don’t get approached to do reviews or collabs but hey to have made it this far and still loving it I can only imagine what the next year holds.

Thank you every one for all your support and love, with out you guys we wouldn’t be doing what we love.

Mae and Me x

Working mums

Hi guys,

Recently I come across an article about Kelly Brooke giving her opinion on working mums, she had said in an interview that working mums shouldn’t use their kids as an excuse for not meeting their job expectations! I think what she was trying to say was not to use them as an excuse to not be working as hard! HOLD ON! Sorry Kelly but do you have children…Err NO! So how can she make this sort of statement?

Ok yes I understand that being late for work because of the kids can be a pain and being a bit more organised would help but having to take time off work because you are the primary career for your children and your family will always become before any job doesnt mean we are using our children or not working hard! I am sure you all agree??

Working mums work harder in the day then most others, not only do we get up and get ourselves ready we also have little humans who need us to make sure they are ready, fed and happy. After a shift we don’t get to come home stick the kettle on and binge on TV, oh no we have to feed our little ones then bath them. Some nights we spend hours all through out the night getting up to them then trying to get some form of decent sleep to be able to function at work the following day to do it all over again and again.

I go to work so that I can show Mae as she gets older that you have to work hard for the good things in life and that she won’t have everything handed to her on a plate! I also work for my own sanity, she clearly doesn’t know how draining it is to be on the go with a wild 1 year old singing the same songs watching the same films. Being asked the same questions and trying to keep them from braking something on a hourly basis!

I’m not forgetting the single working dad’s either! You boys work just as hard! I would love to be a stay at home mum living a life of Riley but gurlll I need some adult conversion in my life! I think Kelly is wrong for what she had said, yes she had her own opinion but until you walk in our shoes then I believe you can’t judge!

What do you mummas think??

We would love to hear your opinion.

Love Mae and Me x

Our Instagram Favs.

Since starting my blog I have made some amazing friendships with some lovely women on Instagram, I have spoken with so many brilliant mums and also brilliant business women. We are big lovers of British Hand Made, buying from a small businesses makes my heart feel full. I know how hard it can be to try work when you have children to look after and these lovely ladies work hard on there brands so supporting them is really important.  Mae has been very lucky these past few months as she has had some lovely bits from some of our favourite brands.

Started with a Stitch – @startedwithastitch

Our favourite obviously has to be Started With A Stitch! if you don’t follow her already then you need to, Stacey is such a beautiful person and a VERY hard working mummy who has a great talent. We stared following SWAS some time ago as I just enjoyed seeing what she was making, then after entering the Brand Rep search Mae and Me was lucky enough to be chosen to become Brand reps for the 3 month term. We have grown very close with our fellow brand reps and was honoured to be asked to continue supporting this business for the rest of the year. Stacey is based in Glasgow and a mumma to a 5 a side team, she makes every garment by hand with love and of course we love her for it!

Here are some of Maes Favs –

Of course Stacey makes clothes for both girls and boys – see!


Zara Beau – @zara_beau

Another great brand that we love is Zara_beau, Anais is a 22 year old mummy who started Zara_beau because she wanted to be able to work at home and spend as much time with her darling little one Zara who is now 17 months old. This company has the cutest items to make any nursery or bedroom the perfect place for your little angels to rest their heads, Mae has one of Zara_beau’s most popular items the wooden building blocks that spell our her name.  I absolutely love personalised decorations so of course we just had to have these. Bellow are a few things you can order from the lovely Anais.


Curious Child – @_curiouschild

If you are looking for fashionable outfits and accessories for your little ones then look no further then Curious child, this company is on point! Zhanna who runs Curious Child is originally from Latvia and has been in the UK for the last 14 years, she created Curious Child around 14 months ago following the birth of her beautiful son Keanu as she struggled to find fashionable clothing at affordable prices. Zhanna strives to provide excellent customer service and fast delivery and trust me she does not fail! I can be a nightmare customer a bloody pain in the arse yet she always is so happy to help me and our deliveries are here in no time. Mae has THE cutest set from Curious child I’m obsessed with it! Not only that, she has the famous grey double bobble hat that I also have.  Matching of course!


Here we are sporting our fav items. See bellow for some more stunning bits you can get your hands on. There are just too many to choose from.

There are so many amazing companies that we follow and just love seeing small family run businesses succeed because most of the time its just a mum or dad trying hard to make a life for themselves and their children. So go on guys give them a follow even if you don’t buy anything still showing your love and support goes a long way.

Our Favourite Gram Brands







We also have a big love for Blogger! (of course) If you don’t blog then you don’t know how much time and effort goes into to writing and building a following, its not about how many people follow or how many people read its about expressing yourself and sharing with the world your passions, thoughts and like us your family life. I have read so many blogs that have made me laugh and cry, over the past 9 months I have fallen in love with a few bloggers that capture the good and bad parts of life and parenting and are so honest and raw. its not all about parenting, you have reviews on all sorts of things as well as videos and posts about a wide rang of topics, Naturally most of my favourite are parenting blogs and bellow are some of my go to gals.









Please give these wonderful ladies a follow, they sure do brighten up my day. They have amazing blogs, a huge following and we are very lucky to have these women supporting us every step of the way.

Love Mae and Me x

Its just a phase.


This is how I want to react whenever I hear that bloody statement – “its just a phase” Thank you  Helen for your comment but that isn’t going to help me get any bloody sleep! I need answers!

As a new mum I was open to advise from other fellow mums who have gone through the tough time before me, when Mae wouldn’t settle because of her teething or the fact she hasn’t slept through in 15 months! However when I hear “its just a phase” I just want to punch someone, yes I know 9 times out of 10 it probably is a phase but this very tired just about functioning mother just wants answers and fast! Am I over reacting?? Absolutely I’m the Queen of overreacting but really 15 months no sleep cannot be JUST A BLOODY PHASE! I have come to terms over the last few months that most things we are experiencing will be just a phase and my tiny little bundle of joy will one day sleep through,  chew when eating food and not throw a very EXTRA tantrum when her mother says NO. (Mae is my child so I’m guessing she will probably never grow out of this one)

As much as I cannot stand this advice I have found myself delivering it to other mums who are going through the same shiiitt I am, come on Sasha help a mother out! I know that these poor sleep deprived mums have scrolled through google trying to find a solution to the problem and coming up with all sorts of plans to fix them just like I have. Hey don’t feel silly for doing it, I recently searched  “how to make a toddler chew food before swallowing” and “How to get a screaming toddler in her car seat” I know google isn’t always our friend and you can find allsorts of stupid ideas but at the time of desperation any advice helps.

Our Current “its just a Phase” Phases.

  1. The not sleeping through Phase.
  2. The tantrum Phase.
  3. Refusing to get in her car seat Phase.
  4. The not chewing food properly Phase.
  5. Crying when every mummy walks out the room Phase.
  6. Short nap Phase.

Is it normal to have so many “phases” running along side each other? The kid is only 15 months old.

I’m 100% sure Mae will get over these things and as she gets older the list will change and grow, but if I have a teenager who doesn’t sleep through the night and screams whenever I leave a room then who ever said “its just a phase” I’m coming for you.

My advise to all mums – Listen to advise, put into practise what ever you think it right for yourself and your baby.  There might be an underlying reason why your going through a challenging time however maybe, just maybe it might JUST BE A PHASE. (I’m sorry I had to say it)

Mae clearly wasn’t impressed by “the Phase” comment either. IMG_2049

Enjoy your day – Love Mae and Me.


Catching up

What an amazing 12 months it has been, since having Mae life has changed so much and I absolutely love it. Don’t get me wrong there have been days and nights where I question if it’s all worth it! I haven’t slept in so long, Mae is at a very testing age and some days I just cannot find the patience to deal with her.

I know for a fact I’m not alone! Yes you see all over social media the happy parts of parenting but you very rarely see the times where your so tired and frustrated and you just need 5 minutes to yourself so leaving the baby to cry in her bed is necessary, or giving them another box of raisins just so you can have a quick shower without someone screaming like she is being attacked because she can’t see her Mum. You got it… Mae is well into the clingy stage of a 1 year old and oh my gosh it’s hard work! I have a constant shadow and somedays she won’t let me put her down, I can’t eat or pee in peace and god for bid I walk out the room and leave her with someone well the whole street will soon know about it! Please someone tell me it’s a phase? She won’t let anyone else hold her even if it’s just so I can fold down her stroller! She cries to the point of choking if her dad puts her to bed and sleeping through- well that’s not something Mae has ever heard of! She is still waking up every night, around 2am just for me! She isn’t hungry she isn’t cold or needs a new nappy she just wants me! I have had the odd 6pm-6am night but they are very VERY rare, she settles really well at bed time and goes down with out any fuss it’s staying asleep she can’t quite grasp. Naps have gone from 2 naps a day to 1 nap which is around an hour to an hour and a half so our days are even longer and some days Mae and Mummy really don’t get along. Not gunna lie some days all I here is her moaning and crying and I can’t do right from wrong at 15 months old she sure is adamant she knows what she wants.

The nights are long and some days are even longer but I couldn’t be with out my tiny little human. I guess after all she is her mothers daughter.

Since turning 1 Mae has really started to show her personality, she is such a sassy independent child who has become so loving and affectionate. She can say lots of new words juice and more are her two favourites, she can walk run, climb and throw a seriously extra tantrum. She loves her fruit and veg however has somehow forgotten how to chew so most things are just swallowed. Bath time is her favourite time of day and I must be honest some times she just sits in the bath (without water) and plays with her toys! It keeps her quiet and I can clean the bedrooms.

She’s doing pretty well so far in life, she absolutely enjoys everything she does, she’s such a smiley happy baby girl and I cannot wait to see how she progresses in the next 12 months.

Enjoy your day- Love Mae and Me x

We are back!

Gosh it’s been a long time since I last posted, I have been really quiet on social media for a while as we have had lots going on that needed my full attention! I never meant to be away for so long but I just needed the time to get through some difficult changes and get into a new routine for Mae and myself.

In our absence something amazing happened, Mae turned 1! I can’t believe I am now in charge of a sassy 15 month food monster who demands MORE and JUICE (water) all day every day. She has grown so much in the last few months, she can communicate a lot more which has made our days a little easier however this does come with a lot of tantrums and tears as she gets even more frustrated that she can’t get her point across. Mae is growing into the most beautiful perfect, loving little girl who knows what she wants and it’s not afraid to throw some sass when she doesn’t get it, I can’t really complain as unfortunately she gets that from her mumma. She loves giving kisses especially to Ivy even though it’s still very much a love hate relationship between them two, Mae loves Ivy so much yet Ivy really isn’t sure. Proof bellow…⬇️

It’s been such an amazing journey so far. we have had our first little family holiday with our best friends, Mae turned 1 and Jake and myself have found a ground where we can Co parent and get on better then ever. So keep your eyes peeled we are back with lots to catch you guys up on.

Love Mae and Me.

11 Months of Mae.

Wow, I cannot believe we are getting ready to celebrate Maes 1st birthday a week today! It really is true when they say time fly’s when your having fun, and what fun we have had. Its so crazy to think this time last year I was running around getting clothes washed and preparing for our little girls arrival, little did we know that she would arrive on time ready to rule the world.

This week we had our 10/12 month health visitor check and our lovely health visitor could not believe what she was seeing, tiny Mae running around like a lunatic! She said to me she couldn’t believe at 11 months old how mobile she is as she watches Mae bold as brass climbing the sofa and chasing the dog. The lady went through the usual questions and seemed very happy with Maes progress over the past 11 months, then as if she knew everything was going well my little monster threw her usual tantrum. I explained that Mae has been getting very frustrated and “attacking” when I say attacking I mean she bites, pulls hair and grabs your face when she doesn’t get her own way. Unfortunately due to Mae being very forward and advanced for her age we seem to have hit terrible twos rather early! (umm I don’t think so kiddo) poor baby gets so frustrated that she cannot explain how she is feeling as she can only say dada and ta! (no mamma has not even crossed her mind – typical) so instead she throws her self around and “attacks” Brilliant! This has also made lunch dates a little stressful and she would much rather be totting about then strapped into a high chair, I guess I was nieve in thinking that once she was walking life would be easier…its not! its so so much harder. At least she is happy and healthy and heading on the right track to be ruling the world at almost 12 months old. (you go baby girl mumma don’t raise no fools)

11 months and counting –

March: we are home and very excited for the future.

April: we are not so keen on bath time.

May: I have got the hang of smiling.

June: I am three months old and have been practising my expressions.

July: I am 4 months old, I have entered 3 months sleep regressions and so far haven’t come out- mummy is very tired.

August: I am 5 months old and can feel pain in my gums so my hands are great for chewing.

September: I am 6 months old and wow food is amazing!

October: 7 months and I can sit all by myself, I can crawl and roll too mummy is very pleased with me.

November: Brrrrrr it’s so cold! 8 months old and rocking my double bobble hat.

December: it’s Christmas! My 1st Christmas and mummy couldn’t be more excited. We are even matching 😍

January: 10 months and I can walk, I can say dada and ta but mumma is still too hard.

February: I saw snow for the first time today and couldn’t contain my excitement! Mummy finally have in and tied back my fringe so I can see!

11 things I have learnt in 11 months

1. Babies need naps, sleep breeds sleep! Mae is so much happier when she has had a nap and is so much easier to deal with.

2. Mummy also needs sleep! Make sure you sleep when you can, make daddy get up some nights it’s his job too!

3. Mummy time is so important, go see the girls without the baby or go have a bath and lay on the bed in your wet towel. It does your mental state wonders!

4. Dummy and blankey are my go too when ever Mae is crying! There is nothing wrong with a dummy or a stinky old blankey if it makes baby happy then that’s all that matters.

5. Showering with a 11 month old can be hard work but so much fun, plus you can actually shower more then twice a week.

6. A walking baby is hard work!

7. Routine is so important, get baby into a routine asap! You will regret it in the long run.

8. Being a mum is a lonely job, it’s ok to feel alone but remember your not the only one feeling this way.

9. Wash stained clothes in cold water first! Mae has so many ruined outfits as I have only just learnt this trick, food stained clothes are not a good look.

10. It’s either a full face of makeup or clean hair! Not both can be achieved and no one will judge you!

11. Baby poop smells really bad! I mean especially after a healthy lunch 🤢🤢

If you ask a mum how they have found the past 11 months I bet most mums would say “amazing it’s been the best experience” if you ask me I say it’s been testing, don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed every single day with my girl I cannot express how much I love and adore her. She makes me laugh until I cry and I am so truly grateful to finally have her… however! She has tested my patience, my mental strength and my emotions. I have been so exhausted I couldn’t talk, I have been so stressed with her constant moaning I cry and I have been so happy I burst with pride. Mae is a girl on a mission and by god she knows what she wants, she climbs everything and runs around like a headless chicken everyday that not even a bump to the head stops her! (Clearly talking about falling over not me bumping her) she gets so frustrated her tantrums rile me up but when I lay that beautiful head down to sleep I’m thankful that’s it’s finally bedtime (I’m not joking) I am also thankful that I have this little girl who is so full of personality and her love for life reminds me that the good always outweighs the bad.

I am excited to see how the next 11 months go, we still have to experience swimming, her first train ride and her first time on a plane. Hopefully she soon gets the hang of mumma and learns to leave Ivy alone when she is sleeping. There is so much more to look forward too and so much more to dread- like the terrible twos, weaning off her dummy and teaching her that no means no. It’s all part of being a parent you just gotta take one day at a time. We have had a great year yes we may have lost a special person who we will cherish his memory everyday but we also gained our little treasure.

If anyone was to ask me for advise before having a baby I would say I have none, Every one parents differently and you should never feel bad for the decisions you make for your child. however I would say always remember baby wipes when leaving the house!

Mum knows best- no one knows your child better then you! We are all in this parenting job and no one is better then anyone else, you learn who really matters in life and everything else is not worth stressing over. As long as you and your beautiful baby are happy then you have done your job.

All our love- Mae and Me x

January 2018, we are not friends.

We have been quite quiet over the past month, that is due to a few reasons. Mae has been poorly the last week with a tummy bug and I haven’t been feeling so great either, this month hasn’t been good for us and I guess I just haven’t been in the right frame of mind to write.  My blog is a personal blog mainly revolving around Mae and Me focusing on our steps through motherhood, I have always been open and honest in all my posts as that is how I am as a person.  In times like these why would I be any different? In the last three months I have lost two very important people in my family, My great aunt Mavis a women who fought for our right to vote, who visited the most amazing countries all over the world and had the most wonderful stories to tell us. She was the Matriarch of our family and after a long road she finally gave in and joined her husband and baby girl up in the sky. We watched my lovely aunt slip away over 6 years and we wished for so long for her to let go and to be happy, to not struggle on any more. It sounds odd saying this out loud but I almost felt relieved for her when she finally decided it was time, she had battled for so long proving to us she really was a fighter but I guess there is only so much fighting one women can do.  Then there was Bill.

My amazing uncle Bill, My Grandads brother. He was my great uncle, and great he was. I was very lucky to have such a close bond with my uncle, he was the one at our first day of school filming the tears of my sister losing her lunch box, he was the one taking the photos at Christmas and birthdays. To come down to the car boot just to take photos of me and my sister doing our first car boot at 22 years old! He was always making memories, always busy.  Then he got poorly and received the news every family dreads to hear, (I’m sure you can guess) Bill faced lots of hospital appointments, Chemo and even surgery in the hope of containing his cancer and to live just a few more months.  Whilst I was pregnant Bill drifted away from me a little, he wasn’t interested in hearing about how the baby was or seeing scan photos. I didn’t really notice it too much until he said to me one day how hard it was for him to hear about his great niece knowing he might not ever get to meet her. Well he did! and he loved her so much! We would go out for lunch every week the three of us, he would make her laugh and stroke her hand when she would cry. They formed this beautiful bond and her face would light up with this cheeky smile when ever she saw him, He was taken to hospital last December and decided to have an operation to remove some of the cancer as he truly didn’t want to leave us. After a very rocky year unfortunately this January my uncle lost his battle the day before his birthday.  Anyone who has lost a family member knows how hours roll into days and days roll into weeks, we have tried to keep our days happy and as social as we normally do however some days the darkness gets hold of you. I’m not going to lie I cry almost every day, my uncle didn’t want to die and I didn’t want him to, I loved this man! He felt so relaxed and himself around us. He called me every day just to see how Mae slept, he was the ONLY one to call me every day just to see how Mae slept.  And now he has gone.

January hasn’t been to kind to us, and I am so thankful for my friends and family as together we are getting through it. Also to my social media family, we have been on Instagam : mae_and_me_ as much as possible just to keep us busy and my mums on their are amazing women! We are also now Brand Reps for Started with a stitch which is exciting and keeps us on our toes. There really isn’t a theme to this post it was just something I wanted to write, and even though I am sat here silently sobbing (Mae is asleep beside me) my heart feels a little lighter.

I know I am not the only one to experience loss and this pain, I guess its better to share your heartache then to keep it bottled up –  Always remember …

Every day gets easier, you don’t get over the loss you just learn every day how to deal with it.


Sasha x