11 Months of Mae.

Wow, I cannot believe we are getting ready to celebrate Maes 1st birthday a week today! It really is true when they say time fly’s when your having fun, and what fun we have had. Its so crazy to think this time last year I was running around getting clothes washed and preparing for our little girls arrival, little did we know that she would arrive on time ready to rule the world.

This week we had our 10/12 month health visitor check and our lovely health visitor could not believe what she was seeing, tiny Mae running around like a lunatic! She said to me she couldn’t believe at 11 months old how mobile she is as she watches Mae bold as brass climbing the sofa and chasing the dog. The lady went through the usual questions and seemed very happy with Maes progress over the past 11 months, then as if she knew everything was going well my little monster threw her usual tantrum. I explained that Mae has been getting very frustrated and “attacking” when I say attacking I mean she bites, pulls hair and grabs your face when she doesn’t get her own way. Unfortunately due to Mae being very forward and advanced for her age we seem to have hit terrible twos rather early! (umm I don’t think so kiddo) poor baby gets so frustrated that she cannot explain how she is feeling as she can only say dada and ta! (no mamma has not even crossed her mind – typical) so instead she throws her self around and “attacks” Brilliant! This has also made lunch dates a little stressful and she would much rather be totting about then strapped into a high chair, I guess I was nieve in thinking that once she was walking life would be easier…its not! its so so much harder. At least she is happy and healthy and heading on the right track to be ruling the world at almost 12 months old. (you go baby girl mumma don’t raise no fools)

11 months and counting –

March: we are home and very excited for the future.

April: we are not so keen on bath time.

May: I have got the hang of smiling.

June: I am three months old and have been practising my expressions.

July: I am 4 months old, I have entered 3 months sleep regressions and so far haven’t come out- mummy is very tired.

August: I am 5 months old and can feel pain in my gums so my hands are great for chewing.

September: I am 6 months old and wow food is amazing!

October: 7 months and I can sit all by myself, I can crawl and roll too mummy is very pleased with me.

November: Brrrrrr it’s so cold! 8 months old and rocking my double bobble hat.

December: it’s Christmas! My 1st Christmas and mummy couldn’t be more excited. We are even matching 😍

January: 10 months and I can walk, I can say dada and ta but mumma is still too hard.

February: I saw snow for the first time today and couldn’t contain my excitement! Mummy finally have in and tied back my fringe so I can see!

11 things I have learnt in 11 months

1. Babies need naps, sleep breeds sleep! Mae is so much happier when she has had a nap and is so much easier to deal with.

2. Mummy also needs sleep! Make sure you sleep when you can, make daddy get up some nights it’s his job too!

3. Mummy time is so important, go see the girls without the baby or go have a bath and lay on the bed in your wet towel. It does your mental state wonders!

4. Dummy and blankey are my go too when ever Mae is crying! There is nothing wrong with a dummy or a stinky old blankey if it makes baby happy then that’s all that matters.

5. Showering with a 11 month old can be hard work but so much fun, plus you can actually shower more then twice a week.

6. A walking baby is hard work!

7. Routine is so important, get baby into a routine asap! You will regret it in the long run.

8. Being a mum is a lonely job, it’s ok to feel alone but remember your not the only one feeling this way.

9. Wash stained clothes in cold water first! Mae has so many ruined outfits as I have only just learnt this trick, food stained clothes are not a good look.

10. It’s either a full face of makeup or clean hair! Not both can be achieved and no one will judge you!

11. Baby poop smells really bad! I mean especially after a healthy lunch 🤢🤢

If you ask a mum how they have found the past 11 months I bet most mums would say “amazing it’s been the best experience” if you ask me I say it’s been testing, don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed every single day with my girl I cannot express how much I love and adore her. She makes me laugh until I cry and I am so truly grateful to finally have her… however! She has tested my patience, my mental strength and my emotions. I have been so exhausted I couldn’t talk, I have been so stressed with her constant moaning I cry and I have been so happy I burst with pride. Mae is a girl on a mission and by god she knows what she wants, she climbs everything and runs around like a headless chicken everyday that not even a bump to the head stops her! (Clearly talking about falling over not me bumping her) she gets so frustrated her tantrums rile me up but when I lay that beautiful head down to sleep I’m thankful that’s it’s finally bedtime (I’m not joking) I am also thankful that I have this little girl who is so full of personality and her love for life reminds me that the good always outweighs the bad.

I am excited to see how the next 11 months go, we still have to experience swimming, her first train ride and her first time on a plane. Hopefully she soon gets the hang of mumma and learns to leave Ivy alone when she is sleeping. There is so much more to look forward too and so much more to dread- like the terrible twos, weaning off her dummy and teaching her that no means no. It’s all part of being a parent you just gotta take one day at a time. We have had a great year yes we may have lost a special person who we will cherish his memory everyday but we also gained our little treasure.

If anyone was to ask me for advise before having a baby I would say I have none, Every one parents differently and you should never feel bad for the decisions you make for your child. however I would say always remember baby wipes when leaving the house!

Mum knows best- no one knows your child better then you! We are all in this parenting job and no one is better then anyone else, you learn who really matters in life and everything else is not worth stressing over. As long as you and your beautiful baby are happy then you have done your job.

All our love- Mae and Me x


January 2018, we are not friends.

We have been quite quiet over the past month, that is due to a few reasons. Mae has been poorly the last week with a tummy bug and I haven’t been feeling so great either, this month hasn’t been good for us and I guess I just haven’t been in the right frame of mind to write.  My blog is a personal blog mainly revolving around Mae and Me focusing on our steps through motherhood, I have always been open and honest in all my posts as that is how I am as a person.  In times like these why would I be any different? In the last three months I have lost two very important people in my family, My great aunt Mavis a women who fought for our right to vote, who visited the most amazing countries all over the world and had the most wonderful stories to tell us. She was the Matriarch of our family and after a long road she finally gave in and joined her husband and baby girl up in the sky. We watched my lovely aunt slip away over 6 years and we wished for so long for her to let go and to be happy, to not struggle on any more. It sounds odd saying this out loud but I almost felt relieved for her when she finally decided it was time, she had battled for so long proving to us she really was a fighter but I guess there is only so much fighting one women can do.  Then there was Bill.

My amazing uncle Bill, My Grandads brother. He was my great uncle, and great he was. I was very lucky to have such a close bond with my uncle, he was the one at our first day of school filming the tears of my sister losing her lunch box, he was the one taking the photos at Christmas and birthdays. To come down to the car boot just to take photos of me and my sister doing our first car boot at 22 years old! He was always making memories, always busy.  Then he got poorly and received the news every family dreads to hear, (I’m sure you can guess) Bill faced lots of hospital appointments, Chemo and even surgery in the hope of containing his cancer and to live just a few more months.  Whilst I was pregnant Bill drifted away from me a little, he wasn’t interested in hearing about how the baby was or seeing scan photos. I didn’t really notice it too much until he said to me one day how hard it was for him to hear about his great niece knowing he might not ever get to meet her. Well he did! and he loved her so much! We would go out for lunch every week the three of us, he would make her laugh and stroke her hand when she would cry. They formed this beautiful bond and her face would light up with this cheeky smile when ever she saw him, He was taken to hospital last December and decided to have an operation to remove some of the cancer as he truly didn’t want to leave us. After a very rocky year unfortunately this January my uncle lost his battle the day before his birthday.  Anyone who has lost a family member knows how hours roll into days and days roll into weeks, we have tried to keep our days happy and as social as we normally do however some days the darkness gets hold of you. I’m not going to lie I cry almost every day, my uncle didn’t want to die and I didn’t want him to, I loved this man! He felt so relaxed and himself around us. He called me every day just to see how Mae slept, he was the ONLY one to call me every day just to see how Mae slept.  And now he has gone.

January hasn’t been to kind to us, and I am so thankful for my friends and family as together we are getting through it. Also to my social media family, we have been on Instagam : mae_and_me_ as much as possible just to keep us busy and my mums on their are amazing women! We are also now Brand Reps for Started with a stitch which is exciting and keeps us on our toes. There really isn’t a theme to this post it was just something I wanted to write, and even though I am sat here silently sobbing (Mae is asleep beside me) my heart feels a little lighter.

I know I am not the only one to experience loss and this pain, I guess its better to share your heartache then to keep it bottled up –  Always remember …

Every day gets easier, you don’t get over the loss you just learn every day how to deal with it.


Sasha x

10 reasons why you should own a miniature dog.

Ivy Blue. My tiny 1.9kilo Grey Chihuahua. (Of course she matches my house.)I have always wanted a chihuahua for as long as I can remember, we have had dogs in the family but they have been big dogs that need a lot of waking and attention. I had moved into my own home and decided straight away a chihuahua was what I needed, it took me a while to find the right breeder and we ended up traveling around 2 hours to see her. After a long visit and lots of questions we finally brought tiny Ivy home.

Here are a few things we have learnt over the last two years of owning such a small dog.

1. Tiny dog means tiny cuddles- and lots of them at that!

2. They sleep so much! Ivy slept almost all day and night for weeks. She loved napping on her daddy –

3. They are fearless, big dogs are no bother-

4.They have mood swings just like humans- resting bitch face on point!

5. They are very protective –

6. They make the best friends-

7. They love playing and making friends, however don’t get the hint when someone doesn’t want to play-

8. They love your baby before they even meet them ❤️ <<<<<
y don't need much walking and being carried is no problem –<<<<<
ey have the best sleeping positions – <<<<<
eds lots of attention even more so since Mae was born, don't get me wrong it's hard having a needy dog and needy baby! Some days Ivy will refuse to go out in the mornings because it's so cold, before you know it it's 10am the baby is finally sleeping and you find little messes upstairs where the dog decided the house is a warmer toilet then the garden.

Think very carefully before owning any dog, chihuahuas are hard to train and develop separation anxiety if alone. They say two are easier to handle then one on its own So of course this year hopefully Ivy will have a brother to play with (If I get my own way).

This is the mouse as we speak, cuddled up away from the cold.

Messy Play – December 2017.

2017-12-14 10.49.32

So this happened in December and we loved it!

Mae was invited by her nanny Clare to the Messy play Christmas special, I must admit leading up to the day I was very unsure with how Mae would react. She isn’t a girly girl by any means, she is forever knocking herself whilst trying to walk around the furniture but when it comes to picking up sticky food she isn’t so keen. I thought we would get there and she would have a melt down and create a scene, little did I know the tom boy would come out of her and she would love every second. We woke up early that morning and got ourselves ready, I dressed her in the cutest Santa vest as it was the festive season and I didn’t want her to ruin any of her nice clothes. After breakfast and a quick power nap we headed out to Messy Play, armed with a towel and clean clothes I felt prepared for my little girl to experience a morning of playing in mess. We signed in and stripped of (Mae stripped off to her vest I just took my socks off), after a quick Photo we headed to the least crowded area.

2017-12-14 10.40.08

Dry pasta was our first stop and Mae was enjoying herself, she even let me take a photo of her with the Reindeer headband on before it was ripped off and thrown across the floor. So far so good, Mae was having fun feeling different textures and finding that if she shock the little plastic pot of pasta it would make a great noise.  It wasn’t long until Mae found her confidence and started to make her own way around the hall. She found the flour pit with an inflatable Santa in that she just couldn’t live without, her happy squeals filled the room and everyone enjoyed watching her. We made our way through the paint wall and the spaghetti pile, it was very clear to me that Mae was in her element. It was amazing to watch, she was loving life! My heart melted and I watched my beautiful girl roll around in soggy spaghetti and dunk her hands in paint to make mummy a pretty picture.

The Session become to an end an hour later and to celebrate foam filled the bottom of the hall, well if Mae hadn’t already had the best time then she sure did as soon as she saw the foam. She kicked and screamed in excitement and I knew she didn’t want it to end.  I honestly don’t know why I was so anxious, it took a few minutes for her to find her feet but it was worth every penny. I highly recommend taking your little one to a messy play session. it’s just as fun for us mummies then for the babies. They even had facilities for us to clean the babies down before dressing them in their warm clean clothes. Mae headed over to Nanny Sam’s for the afternoon and slept like a log. We have another session booked for February and I cannot wait. Mae will be a few months older and walking so I am sure she will enjoy it even more.

Thank you Nanny Clare for treating us, Messy Play did not let us down.





Kidloland App Review-

Being a first time mum it’s normal to question if your doing the right thing, one thing I know a lot of mums have their own views on tv time and time spent on apps and devices. As Mae is only 10 months old I haven’t had to think about this yet plus she is far to busy to sit and watch tv ( sometimes I wish that’s all she would do) however, I was contacted by Kidloland to take a look at their app.

We was in the JR hospital Oxford for Jakes routine eye check up and Mae was her normal happy self, I knew we would be there for a few hours so I decided this was a good time to get looking into the app and to have a play around with it. It was really easy to download and to use, of course Mae didn’t have a clue what to do but the colourful animation caught her beady eye right away. We found the nursery rhymes and Mae was hooked on Five little speckled frogs, she played it that much we still catch ourselves singing it now.

Mae enjoyed watching the frogs jump around and of course our reaction to her dancing along. What else I liked about the app was how educational it was, there were lots of different sections like fruit and veg, colours, all different rhymes and songs for the little ones to help them learn and have fun.

As Mae is only 10 months I do feel this app would be better for a child slightly older as she only has a very short attention span, we did however love listening to the different songs and dancing along to them. I would highly recommend this app, to help teach your child using colourful songs and animation. You can relax knowing there are on an app safe and built for children knowing what they are playing with will help them learn and have fun at the same time.

It’s a 10/10 from us.

Our First Christmas.



So I gave myself a well needed break from blogging and social media over the festive period, as it was Mae’s first Christmas I wanted to enjoy every second. We spent time with both families who all loved seeing Mae celebrate her first Christmas. I must admit I am glad its all over, it was such a long week with so many late nights and early mornings as Mae suffered due to her routine being disturbed. The lead up to Christmas was the normal stress however as I wasn’t working it made shopping and decorating a lot easier, we got the tree up a week earlier this year as I was just too excited to show Mae. NOTE TO SELF: Never have a Christmas tree up with a baby who has just learned to crawl and grab! My beautifully decorated tree lasted all of 12 hours before the little terror attacked it, I spent hours every day telling Mae NO every time she pulled a decoration off.  She would juts look at me, laughed and continue to pull at the next dec. I did hope the novelty would wear off but I was very wrong as she continued to do this every day until my tree was completed naked at the bottom. ( I couldn’t wait to get the thing down) Hopefully next year she will understand NO and leave my poor tree alone.

Christmas Eve we stared our first Christmas tradition, Mae had her dinner as usual and headed upstairs for her bath. She then opened(pulled out the bag as there is no point wrapping it up as she doesn’t have a clue) her Christmas eve present which were Christmas pjays of course, we would of all sat down as a family and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol but Mae isn’t interested in the TV so went to bed and Daddy was out. I spent a few hours wrapping the last of the gifts and made sure down stairs was ready for the morning, Like clockwork our morning started at 5am however I did manage to feed Mae and get her back to sleep for a few more hours. We headed down stairs around half 8 excited to see Mae reaction. Well… she couldn’t care less! we knew that would be the case, she is only 9 months old. The child was more interested in chewing on a card then opening presents, that was ok as it kept her busy whilst Mummy and Daddy opened theirs. We headed over the Jakes Mums so Mae could open her gifts and to have some breakfast.


Matching of course!

After a yummy lunch at my grandparents we headed over to Jakes aunts to finish off the day. Mae slept all for about 30 minutes and lasted util 9pm! I was ready for bed just as much as she was, not that you can tell from this photo. She would of lasted longer if I had let her.

2017-12-25 19.40.58

I spent the night cleaning up from a mad morning of unwrapping and indulged in a midnight feast when Jake returned home with left overs.  All in all we had an amazing day, Mae was as good as gold and didn’t moan once! It has been an amazing year, bringing this beautiful bundle of joy into the world was the best gift I could ever ask for.

I hope you also had an amazing Christmas. Happy New Year to you all.

Sasha and Mae x

When loneliness creeps in.

I know I am not the only mum that feels lonely, I know I am not the only mum who can be in a room full of people and yet feel so alone. I also know I am not the only mum who never thought having a baby could make you feel this way. I am so glad I’m not the only one.

Before being a mum I had a very busy life, working and exercising consumed my days and evenings and partying with my girls devoured most weekends. I spent all my time with Jake never once feeling so alone, now I have been with Jake for almost 10 years so I have been used to having someone around me.  The first time I experienced loneliness as a mum was the second night after Mae was born, we had family around and Jake had left to go out for a few hours with his friends. I was devastated – he had left me with this tiny baby and a room full of people to go enjoy himself with his mates. I sat back and watched my family pass around Mae, all I wanted to do was grab my tiny girl and hide away under the covers. The second Jake walked out the door I immediately felt so alone. Maybe this was a mixture of fear that I would soon be alone with my baby and that he had left to go enjoy himself whilst I was sat at home. Of course he arrived home and that feeling had disappeared, little did I know that it wasn’t going to be the only time I would have that feeling. Days rolled into weeks, weeks rolled into months and the loneliness crept back in. Its so hard to explain to your partner, or even to a friend because they will not understand how you could feel so lonely when you have all day with your child.  But that’s exactly it, you spend all day with your baby and sometimes all night. You can go days (maybe months) without seeing your friends or talking to another adult about yourself.  These are the days when the loneliness creeps in.

I see my friends as much as I can through out the week, I work with my mum Thursdays and Fridays and spend most evenings with Jake. I go out walking with Mae and visit my family if I can, I can be out of the house all day. I come back home and Mae begins to cry, the tiredness kicks in and I cannot wait for the second Jake walks through the door. All of a sudden I get that feeling again. I think for me the worst is when for the 9th month in a row Mae is up in the night, Jake is sound asleep next to me and once again I am up trying to sooth my girl. I just cry, I cry because even though I have someone right beside me I have never felt so alone.  I am so tired, so so tired and I just want a break. Mae is soon asleep and I can lay back down with the hope of getting more then 3 hours sleep.  No one ever told me how lonely being a mum can be, of course they didn’t because who would want to admit that being a mum isn’t all rainbows and butterfly’s. I have now learnt how to deal with the lonely feeling, I fight back. I text a friend or I interact more with Mae. I remember that even though I am alone I’m not actually alone. I’m not the only one feeling this way, I am doing an amazing job at raising my daughter and I chose to be a mum.  I am strong and will not let this feeling tear me down.

To all mums and dad reading, if you get this feeling of being alone please don’t let it get to you. You are not alone and its ok that you are feeling this way. Its normal to cry when you are tired or when the baby wont stop screaming. These are the times when we need to work together as parents and make sure that we support each other. Being a parent can be lonely but it doesn’t have to be.

9 months and still no sleep.

When Mae was a few months old we had to move her into her own room and cot as she had outgrown her mosses basket, I was really worried that it would disrupt her sleep as she was sleeping really well. A few nights in and she was sleeping through! I couldn’t believe it, I was super happy that I had a good sleeper and started to catch up on the sleep I had lost over the past few months. Then teething started and the 3 months sleep regression hit and my body went into shock, I had gotten use to sleeping all night long that being up every few hours was hard on me physically and emotionally.  I didn’t think for one second that 6 months down the line I would still be up every night with a baby who just doesn’t want to sleep.

I have tried everything to help Mae get through the night, we have tried keeping her up longer but that didn’t work. We have tried dream feeding, controlled crying, sleeping in with me and nothing has helped. We have had a few days where we have been out of the house all day and Mae has missed a nap, she would have her morning nap but not an afternoon nap and by the time she has had dinner and her bath she is ready for bed by 6pm. Daddy put her to bed and she slept and hour later waking at 3.30am instead of the usual 2.30. This has happened a few times after her missing her afternoon nap. So is this the way to go? Do I drop her afternoon nap and get her to bed an hour earlier? Is 6pm too early? I am stuck in this revolving door unsure how to get out and help my little one sleep. She will go down with out any stress, its staying asleep she finds difficult. 2am rolls by and she’s up wanting to fight the world, some nights she will take her dummy and roll back over and some she will need a bottle to help her fall back to sleep. Most nights she’s up kicking the bottom of her cots letting the whole street know she is up and wanting to play.

I think getting Mae to sleep through is more for my own sanity then hers, she can sleep when ever she wants in the day however for mummy as we all know its almost impossible to get your head down once your up. I am not quite sure how much longer I can last on 3 hours of solid sleep a night. No one tells you how hard is it to function on little sleep, of course we all know that we are going to have many sleepless nights through out parenthood but I don’t think many mums and dads are that honest with it. If any one asks how Mae is sleeping all I can do it laugh and tell them exactly how it is. I have been up every night for almost 9 months  and its bloody hard! Some days I cant even keep my eyes open, some days I don’t even get dressed and poor Mae is left to her own devices playing with her toys whilst mummy try’s to rest as much as she can.  Some days we eat really well and others we survive on carbs. Don’t get me wrong I would love to jump out of bed every morning make a super healthy breakfast and sit in my clean and tidy house- reality is I only get out of bed because Mae is moaning and bored by 7 am, we don’t eat until about 8.30 as I really cant be arsed to move until I have finished my morning coffee and we only get dressed and tidy up if we have a visitor or have somewhere we need to be.  As I sit here writing I am currently still in my Pjays at 10.30, Mae has finally crashed out on the sofa and the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it. (along with the rest of the house)

2017-12-05 10.00.22.jpg

I am hoping one day it will finally click for her, or she wears herself out that much that sleeping for 12 hours is necessary. if you have any tricks that you have found helps tour little ones sleep please let me know.



Becoming a Working Mummy.




I always new that I would have to return to work and I must admit I was dreading the day I had to leave my tiny human for longer than three hours just to go out to work, it was an awful feeling but the reality was a lot easier than the thought. Unfortunately I was made redundant from my previous job, I was an online fraud investigator for a finance company and I absolutely loved my job. I guess the redundancy come at a good time for me, I can now find a job that wasn’t so full on with hours that work around Mae. After some talking with our parents it was decided that I would join my mums business and that Jakes mum would have Mae whilst I began work part time.

The weeks leading up to my part time working life I had Mae spend Fridays with Nanny Sammy so that we could all get use to the new routine, if you have read my blog before you would of read how hard I find leaving Mae and the Anxiety I suffer since having her. The first few Fridays where horrendous, I couldn’t think straight and just watched the clock until she was home. I soon started to become more comfortable with the idea of being without her for a few hours and now it feels absolutely normal. Mae loves her Fridays with Nanny Sammy, my girl is happy and safe and that’s all that matters. We upped my hours to Thursdays and Fridays and thankfully Nanny Sammy was happytohave Mae both days. (She is my life saviour that women) since putting the new routine into practise it finally feels right to be leaving Mae to head out to work. Lets be honest I didn’t have a choice, I have to go out to work. I have to leave Mae so I have to get use to t. I wish I could be a stay at home mum but unfortunately I cant afford to do it however I am doing the next best thing – working part time.

Working mum/ Stay at home mum.

This can be a touchy subject to some mums as many have very strong views, personally I would love to be a stay at home mum. Why would you want a child to then miss out on all the exciting things they do just to go back to work. However, I also enjoy being at work! you need that adult life outside of being a mum and the biggest factor most families cant afford to have one parent out of work completely.  I was brought up with my mum working all hours she can to support the three of us, we spent a lot of time with our grandparents and enjoyed our childhood. Its only as I got older that I missed my mum as she worked so much, she had to as we couldn’t afford to live if she didn’t. I now understand how hard it is, of course you want to be at home with you baby but its financially impossible for the most of us and if you can afford it then you are very lucky. I am grateful that I can work part time with hours that suit Mae and myself, it means I get to spend almost every day with her and she also gets to spend time with her family too.  I believe there is no right or wrong decision, you do what you feel is right for your family. if you want to go back full time, part time or not at all. Why should anyone comment on your decision. Remember:  Mother always knows best.



•Review• Nipples to Kneecaps- To die or not to die with cancer.

Wow! I don’t think I have ever felt so connected to a book before, a book that clasped my heart strings and wouldn’t let go. Maybe I felt so drawn in, wanting to know more and more every time I finished a chapter because we too have a family member fighting his own battle. Author Mandy Brown contacted me after a lovely friend recommended me and my blog. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe every happens for a reason as it’s meant to be. Since reading this book I believe Mandy was meant to find me, to ask me to read her book and empower me with hope and inspiration that maybe my uncle too could fight just like Steve and maybe win his battle.

Mandy and Steve married and welcomed into the world their son Alex, young Alex watched his dad age 24 begin his battle with cancer and with the help of his mummy and others who too wouldn’t give up on Steve Alex saw his dad win. It wasn’t an easy road for this family, Steve watched helplessly as his father in law unknowingly took his place as father to Alex. Steve knew at that time he could not keep up with his little boy and throughout the book you feel how Steve struggled but knew his father in law was doing an amazing thing. You read how Steve’s parents kept their distance through his illness. I can understand how hard it must of been to see their son in pain, deteriorating in front of them when he should be enjoying his young married life. Steve was given 3 months to live, he was told they could not find the primary cancer and there was nothing more they could do to help. Mandy was not going to give up on her husband, she needed him and so did young Alex. It was her persistence, the need for her family, and their love and positivity that helped guide Steve out of the dark.

The book has 34 emotional raw chapters plus further sections that are worth reading- The Defeat Cancer Plan and what has happened since. I laughed and cried through this book, never once wanting to put it down. Mandy and Steve have given me hope and inspired me, I read how Steve a cancer patient still had dreams, and believe me no one could stop him from living and reaching those dreams.

I feel everyone should read this book, even if you are lucky enough not to be fighting this awful disease. Just read it for inspiration and for hope, Mandy and Steve believe that their positive attitude and want to survive is the reason Steve, 30 years later is here to tell his story.

Cancer is so limited – it cannot cripple love, it cannot shatter hope, it cannot conquer the spirit. Nipples to Keecaps- a book bursting with love, emotion and a family so desperate to stay together they battled the impossible. And won!

You can purchase your own cope of Nipples to Kneecaps – to die or not to die with cancer from amazon for £7.99.

Also visit the website http://www.nipplestokneecaps.com to read more about Mandy and Steve Brown.